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Janome Sewing Machines

With an excellent choice of different models in the range Janome have a sewing machine for every user weather your a complete beginner or an expert dressmaker looking for the latest computerised models we can help you find the machine that is best suited for your next stitching project.
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  1. Janome J3-18 sewing machine

    Janome J3-18

    The Janome J3-18 offers, 18 stitches, 4 step button holes, built-in needle threader, it also has sleeve arm and a range of stretch stitches...

  2. Janome J3-20 sewing machine

    Janome J3-20

    This Janome J3-20 has 20 stitch selection, automatic 1-step button holes, 10 stretch stitches and needle threader...

  3. Janome J3-24 sewing machine including hard cover

    Janome J3-24

    Including a hard cover, automatic 1 step button holes, automatic built-in needle threader, stretch stitches, the Janome J3-24 has 24 stitches...

    Regular Price: £189.00

    Special Price: £169.00

  4. Janome 521 sewist sewing machine

    Janome 521

    The Janome 521 is popular machine for schools and has 20 stitches, top loading bobbin, auto needle threader, hard cover and 4 step button holes...

  5. Janome 525s Sewing Machine

    Janome 525s Sewist

    This Janome 525s includes automatic needle threader, 1-step button holes, top loading bobbin, hard cover, drop feed....

  6. Janome 432s sewing machine

    Janome 423s

    The Janome 423 offers 1 step buttonholes, stretch stitches, blind hemming, overlock stitch...

  7. Janome CXL301 computer sewing machine

    Janome CXL301

    The Janome CXL301 has LCD stitch number display, auto 6 button holes, max speed setting, needle up/down, needle threader, computer controlled settings...

  8. Janome XL 601 - The same Janome quality as the QXL605, however this XL601 has less stitches

    Janome XL601

    Fre quilting pack worth £99

    The Janome XL601 has 30 stitches, twin needle, free hand embroidery, drop feed, auto needle threader, LCD display, needle up/down, maximum speed limiter, auto tie off, top loading bobbin...

    Regular Price: £349.00

    Special Price: £329.00

  9. Janome Mystyle 2522 LE sewing machine

    Janome Mystyle 2522LE

    Super Strong Machine Ideal for Schools and Colleges

    A strong machine with a alloy internal body the Janome 2522LE offers stitch width and lenght adjustment, 1 step button hole, built-in needle threader and 22 stitches including stretch stitches...

  10. Janome Jem Platinum 760

    Janome Jem Platinum 760

    Compact is size this Janome 760 Jem is light weight with built in carry handle, 60 stitches, 5 automatic button holes, LCD display, needle threader, drop feed, lock stitch function, max speed setting, needle up/down, touch button controls...

  11. Janome DXL603 sewing machine

    Janome DXL603

    The Janome DXl603 offers 60 stitches, touch button controls, LCD screen, 17cm work area, drop feed, 7 automatic button holes, max speed setting, needle up/down, lock stitch function, adjustable foot pressure, needle threader...

  12. Janome QXL605 sewing machine

    Janome QXL605

    The Janome QXL605 is a machine for quilters, 60 stitches, drop feed, maz spped setting, needle up/down, auto needle threader, lock stitch function, 17cm bed, 6 button holes, LCD screen...

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