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Janome Quilting Machines

Quilt faster and with more precision when using a Janome quilting sewing machine.

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  1. Janome CXL301 computer sewing machine

    Janome CXL301

    The Janome CXL301 has LCD stitch number display, auto 6 button holes, max speed setting, needle up/down, needle threader, computer controlled settings...

  2. Janome XL 601 - The same Janome quality as the QXL605, however this XL601 has less stitches

    Janome XL601

    Fre quilting pack worth £99

    The Janome XL601 has 30 stitches, twin needle, free hand embroidery, drop feed, auto needle threader, LCD display, needle up/down, maximum speed limiter, auto tie off, top loading bobbin...

    Regular Price: £349.00

    Special Price: £329.00

  3. Janome Jem Platinum 760

    Janome Jem Platinum 760

    Compact is size this Janome 760 Jem is light weight with built in carry handle, 60 stitches, 5 automatic button holes, LCD display, needle threader, drop feed, lock stitch function, max speed setting, needle up/down, touch button controls...

  4. Janome DXL603 sewing machine

    Janome DXL603

    The Janome DXl603 offers 60 stitches, touch button controls, LCD screen, 17cm work area, drop feed, 7 automatic button holes, max speed setting, needle up/down, lock stitch function, adjustable foot pressure, needle threader...

  5. Janome QXL605 sewing machine

    Janome QXL605

    The Janome QXL605 is a machine for quilters, 60 stitches, drop feed, maz spped setting, needle up/down, auto needle threader, lock stitch function, 17cm bed, 6 button holes, LCD screen...

  6. Janome DKS30 sewing machine

    Janome DKS30

    New offering from Janome the Janome DKS30 has 30 stitches all at the touch of a button, LCD screen, top loading bobbin, needle threader, 3 auto button holes, drop feed, max speed setting, powerfull motor...

  7. Janome TXL607 computer sewing machine

    Janome TXL607

    The Janome TXL607 is computerised with 400+ stitches, alphabet, 7 auto 1-step buttonholes, memory facilities, LCD screen, stitch touch pad, top/bottom thread cutter. max speed control setting, needle up/down and superior feed system...

    Regular Price: £549.00

    Special Price: £499.00

  8. Janome MC5900QC

    Janome MC5900

    The Janome 5900QC has 534 stitches, 3 alphabets, 10 button holes, knee lift, memory, stitch elongation, needle threader, needle up/down, maximum speed setting, lock stitch feature ...

    Regular Price: £799.00

    Special Price: £699.00

  9. Janome 1600PQC Sewing Machine - Prefessional Heavy Duty, ideal for quilting or curtain making.

    Janome 1600P QC

    Includes large extension table - Ideal for Quilters

    The Janome 1600P QC is a long bed machine for quilting or heavy duty stitching projects and offers only straight stitch, forward and backwards, but at a fast speed..!...

  10. Janome 6600p sewing machine is super fast yet very controllable

    Janome 6600p Professional

    The Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional has huge selection of 163 stitches, AcuFeed, Start/stop button, Knee Lift, to and bottom thread end cutter, 22cm bed, 14 presser feet, Large LCD screen with edit stitch features...

  11. Janome Memory Craft 8200QC Sewing Machine

    Janome Horizon 8200QC

    The Janome Horizon 8200QC is a long bed machine and has 224 stitches, alphabets, 11" bed area, automatic needle threader, 7 automatic button holes, top/bottom thread cutter, AcuFeed, stitch memory, 5 white lights...

  12. Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP Sewing Machine

    Janome Horizon 8900QCP

    The new Janome Horizon 8900QCP is a long arm machine with 11" bed size, 975 stitches, 3 fonts, 11 button holes, large LCD touch screen, needle up/down, AcuFeed, 5 white lights, pattern elongation, memory, needle plate converter...

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